Oh Yes I've Tried Hard

I've always been a sexy gal. :D  My curves are great!  But I also know that I am way over than my desired weight and desired figure.

I've been trying hard to reduce my waistline and lose some weight.  I jog almost everyday after work.  Sometimes I just run for up to 2 hours.  'Coz I believe I could shed some fats off by sweating it out.  I do feel great doing this.

But, I have been doing this for some months already!  ... A year plus actually.  I just cant figure it out.  I thought they say I can lose weight by jogging or running, burning calories by sweating it out.  I have reduce my meal time to just twice a day.  So I believe I am taking in less carbs and sweating out more calories.  I just can seem to see the results. :(

Or maybe, the greater factor is the food I eat perhaps?

Unlikely Acquitance

I had been hopping around - travelling around.  I went to Cebu once.  And I am the type who goes through rough patches as I think it's best to explore a place on it's "normal form" as what I wants it to be.  Meaning, I want to see how normal people do in their normal places.  Unlike those people in hotels and recreational parks - those are actually robots (she said) that will only do certain sets of tasks ordered to them by their bosses.

While strolling along the road in flip flops, I noticed a lady talking to some random people handling flyers about Herbalife Nutrition.  I was shocked!  I know Herbalife is famous in U.S. and U.K. but I never know there is Herbalife in Cebu.  By the way, for those who don't know, Cebu is one of the key islands in Philippines - a tropical country in Asia.

Well, it seems to be my turn.  I mean, the lady went to me and handed me a flyer about Herbalife nutrition program.  That it is about eating healthy, balanced nutrition and a some portion of effort.  She even ask me to step on that weight scale.  She told my I looked great but I was very much overweight according to my age and height.  I listened for a while saying the usual "... really?", "ok yeah", "yeah, uh-huh" type of stuffs.  :D  And then I said, Im just travelling and that I'd be going back to US soon.  So she handed my her name card.  She's Nancy by the way.  She said we could also actually do skype or whatsapp or facebook messenger IF I was interested to lose weight and feel great the right way.

Then we parted ways.  She continued what she was doing.  I flew back, and that was it.

My "aha!" Moment

So Im back.... back to my normal routine.  Eat-Work-Jog-Sleep.  Still eating twice a day; jogging after work, etc.  And still, I get no results.  I couldn't sleep that night for some reasons related to my work so I went out to grab a decaf from the dinner downstairs.  When I took my wallet for some change to pay for my decaf, I found that name card I received from that lady in the streets of Cebu.  It was then that I thought ... maybe I should try this herbalife weight loss program from Nancy.  I message her in Facebook.  I told her I got curious and asked on how to start.  

Then it started!  A new journey.  We'll see how this goes.

And so here I am...

It's been a little over 6 months since i started using Herbalife.  I registered through Nancy and bought my shakes at West 190th Street here in California.  We skyped once in a while.  And to date, I managed to lose 17 pounds and my waistline goes down by 5 cm.  It's not much, yes, but at least, I know I am getting tangible results.  These I got by taking the Herbalife shake every morning and jogging less than 30 minutes a day at just three times a week.

As compared to just running around hoping to achieve a goal, the Herbalife shake program gives me real and visible results.  Beat that!

PS:  A sincere thanks to Nancy from Herbalife Cebu.  ;)