My Interests


This is my first order of interests :) - ANIME.  I love watching animes and anime movies.  What I am currently following right now is Dragon Ball Super and The Iron Blooded Orphans.  Im so indulged in this that I can't even wait for the next episodes to come.  

Gundam Papercrafts

I wanted to start with this one right now.  After watching the episodes of The Iron Blooded Orphans, I somehow wanted to get one myself.  I mean, I wanted to have a mobile suite gundam myself.  :)  And the only way for me to get that is by making a papercraft.  Im thinking of the Barbatos Lupus Gundam papercraft.  I did find a blog that offers free downloadable papercraft templates mostly for gundam mecha paper models.  Browsing over their blog (, I realized there are so many gundam mecha I could try my hands on.  Gundam Barbatos would be awesome, but by just looking at the picture of the paper model, it really seems very complicated to me.  So, Im gonna start with those smaller versions - those they call SD Gundams (SD stands for Super Deformed by the way).  There's that Jesta Gundam Papercraft template on their page.  Maybe Im gonna start with that.  

Good luck to me.


Once in a while, Im gonna add my list of fave movies here.  Right now, I have fixated myself on the Fast and Furious 8 and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.  The former has all the adrenaline rush and the later has my favorite and very cute baby GROOT !  :D

Come to think of it, since I like movies and I am starting on paper craft, why don't I combine the 2 together.  They have a papercraft dancing baby Groot free template for download.   It sounds really awesome to build Grood using paper.  And it dances too!  

Stamps Collecting (used postage stamps)

I've read somewhere that stamps collecting is considered as the hobby of the kings.  Im not sure about this portion.  But I know this hobby can be a little  challenging.  

We are not at the age of information technology.  You may imagine that people can write emails now.  They reach the intended receiver in just mere seconds!  And on top of that, we are surrounded by lots of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more.  Messages can be sent in an instant.

I like a challenge anyway. So, Im gonna collect postage stamps.  If you have some old stamps there with you, Im hoping you could spare some to me.  To message me.